Who we work with


Confidentiality and integrity are valued by our clients. Although we don't discuss who we work with, we can provide anonymised case studies. However, we would prefer to work with you to develop tailored strategies that will unlock customer and collaborative advantage for your business.

“Co-Creation Partnership has provided a valuable insight into the world of customer oriented services to our organisation.  We thought we knew about customers as our organisation prides itself on delivering an excellent service, yet Ruth and Lianne were able to extend our thinking much further than we had considered possible to really bring the essence of excellent customer service to the way we do business”

"Co-Creation Partnership showed us how our products benefit the road-user.  By pushing us to look deeper into how and why our products benefit the end user, Ruth and Lianne have helped us to engage better with Highways England and to get more involved with their customer-focussed projects."