Ruth and Lianne have collectively amassed 30 years of experience in infrastructure services, working for tier one suppliers at the sharp end of service delivery - business-to-business, and business-to-customer.


Knowing client and customer frustrations first-hand and understanding the sector’s commercial pressures puts us in a unique position to work with organisations who understand the benefits of customer oriented services.

Ruth Kinsella

Having worked in the Highways industry for almost 20 years I have seen a lot of changes.  I know that creating an industry-wide customer-focused approach, and working to help businesses deliver an improved customer experience will be key to future success for public services. 


Extensive experience of contracting in the public sector has given me an in-depth understanding of the local government dynamic and relationships, and a politically sensitive understanding of local government behaviours and needs.


I passionately believe that our public services are vital to the economic health of UK Plc, and that collaboration across sectors, government agencies and departments, interest groups, emergency services, and the supply chain is crucial if we are to successfully meet our future challenges.

While customer excellence is a differentiator - making businesses stand apart from the competition and providing the bedrock for business development and future opportunities - collaboration is the tool which will ensure public services evolve in pace with societal and technological changes.


Embedding successful customer and collaboration strategies in to service industries is my single-minded focus.

Lianne Butler-White

After decades of bad press about poor customer relations, service industries are waking up to the fact that giving customers a good experience is good for business.


And for good reason: customer influenced services are better, more efficient, delivered right first time, and provide safe working environments for front-line staff. These are serious issues in a time of economic, political, and social uncertainty.

I draw on a variety of experiences, skills and creativity hard won from different sectors and roles to produce local strategies and improvement plans, and get a kick out of developing new tools and techniques to make it easier for everyone to consider the customer at every step in the process, from design to delivery. 


The public services sector is changing: transparency, value for money, and services designed and delivered with the end-user in mind are essential if we are to rebuild trust in private/public sector relationships. A comprehensive customer strategy will drive the culture change needed to meet these new imperatives.